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Botox Injection For The First Time: Valuable Tips

Botox is a popular choice for people who want to enhance their natural beauty and achieve specific clinical goals in a non-invasive way. The injection results are almost immediate, yet the procedure is inexpensive. If you want to get your Botox injection, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Get a Consultant 

The best way to commence your Botox injections is to go for a consultation. Dermatologists take time to study your natural facial expressions and movement of muscles in the injection area. This information helps them devise a treatment method that obtains your desired results. 

Dermatologists also require a bit of your medical history, mainly if it affects the skin and muscles. Usually, there are no life-threatening or long-term complications resulting from a Botox injection. However, scrutinising your medical history during consultation helps the doctor reduce the risk of complications by picking the correct dosage and injection technique. 

Perform Due Diligence

Due diligence is essential in alleviating any doubts you may have before getting the Botox injection. For example, reading about the sources of the substance helps you gain confidence in the manufacturing and administration process. Therefore, feel free to question the doctors and perform your background check to ensure you are confident to proceed with the injection. 

Some issues you may ask about include the types and likelihood of allergic reactions and ways of evading them. The doctor addresses these concerns and devices solutions that ensure the process is safe. Doctors also address other issues such as thick and sensitive skin or pre-existing muscle weaknesses. The doctor's assurance is all you need to decide on Botox. 

Things to Avoid

The doctor may warn you about using some substances before and after the Botox injection. For example, you should not take anticoagulants such as ibuprofen and aspirin. These substances prevent blood clotting and may cause skin bruises if the needle touches a vein. You may take time to ensure they leave the system if you are currently on any medication. 

Some foods may also impede the outcomes of the Botox injection. For example, avoid green tea, red wine, ginger, cinnamon and other antioxidants. You should also avoid other forms of skin treatment before and after the Botox injection. However, you can still perform facial expressions such as raising eyebrows, smiling or frowning. 

It would help if you commenced the Botox injection by getting a consultant, conducting due diligence and taking note of the items to avoid.