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Why Replace Partial Dentures With Full Dentures?

If you currently use multiple partial dentures to replace some missing teeth, then you might get to the stage where you consider using full dentures instead. What are the benefits of switching to full dentures? Reduce Eating and Speech Problems If you have a couple of partial dentures right now, then you might find it hard to eat comfortably. If your partial dentures

3 Reasons Older Patients Should Consider Invisalign

Plenty of people assume that teeth can only be straightened while the body is relatively young. After all, orthodontic treatments are still strongly associated with teenagers and other young adults. However, there are options available that can work well even for older citizens. Treatment may take a little longer, but placing gradual pressure on teeth can still help m

Room to Manoeuvre: Why Your Orthodontist Might Shave Your Teeth Before Invisalign

Sometimes it's necessary to shave a patient before certain medical procedures, such as some types of surgery. But your Invisalign is a non-invasive orthodontic treatment, which certainly isn't surgery. So why do some patients need teeth shaving before they can begin their orthodontic treatment? Dental Enamel Shaving It's possible for a dentist to remove small imperfec

Does It Ever Feel Like Your Invisalign Trays Are Too Tight?

Your Invisalign braces fit over your teeth, applying gentle but firm pressure across the surface of each tooth and down to its root, helping to reposition each dental socket until your teeth have reached the desired alignment. It stands to reason that your Invisalign trays need to fit fairly tightly for them to do their job. But does it ever feel like your trays are f

Two Situations in Which You Should Consider Invisalign Instead of Traditional Braces

Here are two situations in which you should consider talking to your dentist about having Invisalign treatment instead of traditional braces to straighten your teeth. You are an older person and work in a professional setting If you are an older person and work in a professional setting, your dentist might recommend Invisalign, as this treatment could be more suitable