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3 Reasons Older Patients Should Consider Invisalign

Plenty of people assume that teeth can only be straightened while the body is relatively young. After all, orthodontic treatments are still strongly associated with teenagers and other young adults. However, there are options available that can work well even for older citizens. Treatment may take a little longer, but placing gradual pressure on teeth can still help move them into proper alignment. As a result, older patients can enjoy anything from reduced jaw pain to a more attractive smile.

If this is a path you're considering, Invisalign will probably be the best option. Rather than using metal brackets that are fitted to your teeth, Invisalign treatments use clear trays that can be worn over your teeth.

Here are just three reasons Invisalign is a great option for older patients.

1. Added Discretion

Older patients are often hesitant about having their teeth straightened simply because it's something associated with younger people. Traditional braces can make this more of a problem since they are very conspicuous, so some older patients may be hesitant to have them fitted, especially considering how long treatment tends to last. However, the clear aligners used during Invisalign treatments don't require any brackets or wires, so they are barely noticeable. When you want to keep your treatment discreet, Invisalign is always going to appeal.

2. Easier to Maintain

As you grow older, it often becomes harder to properly brush and floss, so adding traditional braces to the mix can make things even trickier. This isn't just inconvenient — it can also impact your oral health. However, this isn't something you'll need to worry about when you opt for Invisalign since trays can be removed for short periods. When you need to brush or floss, you can simply remove the trays and continue as normal. You'll even find that getting to the spaces between teeth becomes progressively easier as your treatment progresses.

3. Less Discomfort 

Since Invisalign treatment requires no wires or brackets to be fitted inside your mouth, there are no metal parts that can create discomfort or cause cuts to your tongue or inside cheeks. In fact, aligners will be perfectly trimmed to your gums for a precise fit to prevent irritation, and the soft plastic is very forgiving. This is great for all patients, but it's a particularly attractive point for many older patients since the soft tissues of the mouth tend to become more tender and easily irritated as the body ages.

For more information about Invisalign, contact a local dental professional.