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Why Replace Partial Dentures With Full Dentures?

If you currently use multiple partial dentures to replace some missing teeth, then you might get to the stage where you consider using full dentures instead. What are the benefits of switching to full dentures?

Reduce Eating and Speech Problems

If you have a couple of partial dentures right now, then you might find it hard to eat comfortably. If your partial dentures move when you eat with them, then you might avoid eating in these areas. However, other parts of your mouth might become sore if you use them all the time.  

Partial dentures can also affect your speech. You might feel that you lisp or slur your words when you talk sometimes if your dentures don't feel completely secure.

While you need some time to get used to wearing full dentures, they might be more comfortable in the long run. Once your mouth adapts to your false teeth, you'll get more even eating surfaces. So, you won't need to avoid eating on certain teeth. Any changes to your speech should settle down quickly.

Create a More Consistent Smile

Your dentist will colour-match partial dentures to your remaining natural teeth. However, you might feel that your dentures look different, and this might make you feel self-conscious about your smile even if they blend in well.

Plus, your natural teeth can change colour over time. If you smoke or drink a lot of coloured drinks, then your teeth will stain. Enamel loss can also make them turn yellow. However, your dentures will stay the same colour and may now stand out more.

If you have your remaining teeth extracted and wear full dentures, then you will become more confident about your smile. Modern dentures look more natural. Your teeth will all look consistent.

Reduce Future Treatment Costs

If your remaining teeth aren't in good shape, then you might have regular dental treatment costs in the future. Plus, partial dentures can cause some tooth damage. They are harder to clean than full dentures; however, if you let plaque build up on them, then your adjacent natural teeth could develop decay. You could also develop gum disease problems. At some point, you'll probably need to switch to wearing full dentures anyway.

While full dentures increase your treatment costs right now, they will save you money in the future. You won't have to worry about paying to fix problems with the few remaining teeth you have left, and your gums will stay healthier.

To find out more about full dentures and whether they are the right solution for your mouth, contact a local company like Mobile Denture Repair.